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Do you know from your entire Project Portfolio at any moment in time:  
  • how your project portfolio and each individual project contributes to the short term and longer term organization strategy and objectives?
  • all interdependencies between each of the projects in the portfolio and what the impact is on the entire portfolio as well as the realization of strategy if changing one project?
  • how to objectively prioritize projects for approval or rejection?
  • exactly how much budget has been allocated to all projects in all phases and how much budget is still left, including taking account of reservations for known projects still to be executed in the future?
  • how your resources are allocated over projects and if the portfolio and the individual projects are feasible at all, taken the scarcity of resources?
  • if projects are scoped in the right way and therefore reduce duplication and fragmentation within the portfolio and enables reuse of solutions and components?
What Resilient has to offer...
Resilient offers organizations a complete Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution in order to control their entire project portfolio and the end-to-end decision making process at any moment in time. Our solution helps to align the project portfolio with the organization objectives and to continuously improve portfolio and organization performance. The Resilient PPM Proposition consists of a top-down designed ‘best practice’ PPM Process, a well thought through PPM Governance Model (to assign the proper PPM roles and responsibilities within the organization), a supporting PPM Application in ASP model (or SaaS - Software as a Service, i.e. no implementation of software on the customer site) and a dedicated PPM Implementation Service.
Why do you need a process and a supporting application?
Implementation of the PPM Process and Governance model is essential to help an organization stay in control of their project portfolio at all times, and to avoid that the portfolio 'picture' needs to be built up in panic situations only (for instance in cases of budget cuts, strategy changes, etc.). The application, accessible through the web, is essential to manage the vast complexity of the project portfolio and to support the decision making process with scenarios and 'what-if' analyses in order to make the best informed decisions time and time again. The application enforces a more disciplined behaviour of the various roles in the process since the PPM process is embedded in the application workflow. This significantly expedites the PPM process implementation and guarantees the ongoing success of the PPM process once operational.
Ease of implementation...
Resilient can implement the Project Portfolio Management process within three months time, also in your organization! Return of Investment sometimes is already achieved within this first three-month implementation phase, and if not, often within three months after implementation. Please inquire about our Pilot or Health Check Service to quickly demonstrate results!

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