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Implementation Partners
Acumen is a small but unique consulting firm specialised in improving organization effectiveness.  Its approach depends on a clearly defined strategy which forms the basis for the optimization of management of the business.
Effective Project Portfolio Management (PPM) starts with transparency in the project organization. Talking about transparency, we mean culture and (role model) behaviour. This starts at the top of the organization. However, despite existing proper behaviour, just the multitude of projects, the conflicting interests of the individual managers, unpredictable technical consequences as well as the impact on other projects and IT applications make it virtually impossible to make prioritized decisions between projects without a proper process and a dedicated tool.


Effective Management Consultancy (EMC) is a small yet internationally operating consulting firm that successfully guides organizations through change. EMC supports profit and not-for-profit organizations to manage business change in an architected end-to-end way from the strategic intent al the way through implementation on any level in the organization.
Novius enables organisations to improve performance through coherent use of ICT and new organisational concepts tuned to their strategy. Every day approximately 80 Novius consultants are working together with the board of directors, the management and the information / ICT professionals at our clients' company. These assignments are very divers but are always positioned on strategic and tactical level within the triangle strategy, information management and organisational change.
Technology Partners
Adaptive, Inc. is a company providing Enterprise Architecture Knowledge Repository solutions to large organizations and governments around the world. It has a single, automated environment for capturing, storing, integrating, analyzing, visualizing and sharing the knowledge about an organizationís strategies, processes, technology and other resources. Adaptive's Repository is used for managing the complex relationships between all organization objects.


KnowledgePlaza is a company active in research and development of web-based business applications. It has developed several products and services based on state of the art technology. KnowledgePlaza was among the first companies introducing ASP (Application Service Provider) solutions in the Netherlands.

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